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This category lists all pages that need translation. The text has been imported from the English wiki, where it has been throughoutly checked. Therefore the translation should be relatively straightforwart: you can simply edit a linked page and translate all English text to Russian, there's no need to think about correctness of the information.

Some things worth to note:

A page can include templates. A template is usually included using the following text: {{template_name | param=value1 | value2}}. The parameters are optional. The name of the template, template_name, shouldn't be translated. The same is true for the names of the parameters (param in this case). It's harder to decide whether the parameter values (value1 and value2) should be translated. As a rule of thumb, if a parameter value is true or false, or some non-English word, it shouldn't be translated.

Once done translating, remove the text <noinclude>[[Category:Needs_translation]]</noinclude> from the page source.

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